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In Tuscany around the Island of Elba, in the Bay of Genoa, in Portofino, in Naples, in Sardinia or along the magical landscape of the Cinque Terre, remote beaches and hidden bays of immeasurable beauty are everywhere.

All Sport organizes sailing competitions for groups of 6 participants on design boats, allowing you to live an experience of healthy competition and a lot of teamwork.

A unique team building experience , the ideal place to strengthen the group, live in limited environments, act in sync to increase efficiency.

acsw america's cup

On board comfortable and luxurious sailing boats and catamarans, All Sport offers the opportunity to follow the progress of the most famous sailing competition at a short distance from the AC75 sailing ships engaged in breathtaking challenges .

At the end of the day, guests will be able to access the village built on the quay, meet the sailors, try out the simulators, entertain the little ones with themed games and entertainment.

The America's Cup is an extraordinary opportunity to meet VIPs and important personalities who populate the world of sailing, to know and understand the dynamics of one of the most noble and ancient sports in the world.


All-inclusive travel and accommodation packages are available.

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