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Your dream of living an experience of driving on the track on standard GT cars becomes reality with All Sport !

All Sport allows you to experience the adrenaline of taking a lap on the track with Ferrari or Lamborghini in the main Italian circuits: Monza, Imola, Mugello, Varano de Melegari, Tazio Nuvolari (PV), Franciacorta (BS) and Vallelunga (RM ).

Guests are always accompanied by a CSAI licensed professional driver who educates on the main techniques to drive on the track correctly and enjoy the uniqueness of the moment in total safety .


A weekend of other times with classy cars


All Sport offers a fascinating and absolutely exclusive opportunity, entirely customizable: choose an urban or extra-urban route, get behind the wheel of an original and perfectly functional historic car and visit the most beautiful places in Italy. 

Porsche lapland.jpg


Driving experience on snow and ice


All Sport organizes trips to Lapland , land of lakes and forests, to experience the suggestive experience of one or more days of driving on a frozen lake , in a place of extreme beauty, assisted by a team of expert drivers with the use of cars without of electronics, for a thrilling experience.

The cars used are Porsche 911, GT3, Cayman , ideal for both beginners and experts, prepared for use on snow and ice and in extreme conditions. Guests are accompanied at all times by qualified instructors.

The ideal period for this experience is from November to March.

Not only the magical atmosphere of the Lapland lakes near the Arctic Circle, you can experience the incredible experience of driving on snow and ice even in a small enchanted valley in Austria just a few kilometers from Salzburg.

You will experience unique sensations amplified by breathtaking views .


Driving experience on the track on Formula and Formula 1 cars

Enter the Circuit and live the experience you've always wanted: the thrill of speed driving a single-seater , passing from the minor categories to driving an F1.

You can make your dream come true at the circuits of: Monza - Imola - Mugello - Vallelunga - Misano - Tazio Nuvolari


Off-road driving experience

Explore impervious paths and enter winding paths on off-road vehicles prepared to travel inaccessible roads to discover the most extreme nature . 

All Sport carries out expeditions of one or more days with tented camps in the most inaccessible areas of the planet, between Morocco and Tunisia, Libya, Israel, Mongolia and Iran. Guests are always accompanied by qualified instructors.

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