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The Palio represents an epic and impetuous aesthetic, of sanguine and visceral passions that often translate into expressions of power, pride and a sense of belonging to a people, perhaps testifying to an ancient but never forgotten reminiscence of proud and invincible warriors. A mix of tradition and ancestral culture, a way of being that does not accept compromises.


All Sport offers packages that include dinner in the district, overnight stay, vision of the Palio from the balconies of Piazza del Campo.

gallop derby

Gallop is defined as the sport of kings, a noble sport that involves running horses mounted by jockeys on a flat track.

Behind the Gallop there is a tradition, a ritual, a methodology to be discovered and the fun of betting on your favorite horse.


We have hospitality solutions in the Milan San Siro and Varese Le Bettole racecourses, the packages include lunch on the terrace or at the internal restaurant, access to the saddle rod and assistance from our Cicerone throughout the evening.


The Kentucky Derby is an extraordinary horse racing competition reserved for the best three-year-old English thoroughbreds, which has been held annually since 1875 at Churchill Downs racecourse in Louisville, Kentucky and is the destination of thousands of passionate spectators.

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